Your Senses will grow Dim
I will leave you senseless

If you don't want to lose your senses I suggest you don't cross me or the people I care about.

Nate Bevan|21|Senses Manipulation

Taken by the beautiful Lexi Rhodes. Father of Elodie and Aiden Bevan.



You know what? Screw you and whatever you think of me. You come here thinking you’re better than everyone else when in reality you are just an insecure lost little boy. 

Someone got pissed. I don’t think that about you i know that about you, there’s a difference. Now what you think about me couldn’t be farther from reality. Don’t assume shit Callie it’s not nice and you might piss someone off because of your stupid assumptions you wouldn’t want that, right? Because someone you care about will pay the price.

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